Sony Is Going All In With Spider-Man

No doubt you are well aware that one of the big exclusive Sony has in 2018 is Spider-Man. Developed by the guys at Insomniac, Spider-Man is a game that has many people excited.

Sony’s Spidey Past

Sony and Spider-Man actually go way back. For many gamers – myself included – the 2000 release of Spider-Man was one of the best superhero games of that generation. Made by Neversoft and put out by Activision, Spider-Man was a monster of a hit and would eventually make its way to the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Dreamcast. In my opinion, the Sega Dreamcast version is the best though most people remember the game on PlayStation.

There was a sequel to this game imaginatively called, Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro. It was a PlayStation exclusive and a bit of a coup for Sony.

It Is All About The Story

To be fair the majority of Spider-Man games released over the last decade have been decent. Web Of Shadows, Shattered Dimensions, Edge Of Time and the two Amazing Spider-Man games were a lot of fun – not perfect but fun. Insomniac is taking a slightly different approach with their Spider-Man game. They have a slightly older, more seasoned Spider-Man. This is not his first rodeo and he will not be screwing up the way Tom Holland’s Spider-Man did in Spider-Man Homecoming.

It’s an interesting take and the game appears to be as much about Peter Parker (in terms of its story) as it is Spider-Man with a unique story written from the ground up. If you are a fan of the comic books, movies, and animated shows this is great as it is something very new. So, while Insomniac Games are spending a lot of time on the gameplay, they clearly know that there is only so much you can do with webheads powers alone.

The Exclusive PS4 That Web Dreams Are Made Of!

Sony has been knocking it out of the park with their themed consoles. Already in 2018, we have had that amazing God Of War bundle, but for Spider-Man they have rolled out the red carpet…. literally! This new red PS4 is being called “Amazing Red” it features that white Spider-Man logo which he has on his suit in the game and the control is red and white as well. It’s a PS4 Pro and as well as coming with a physical version of the game you also get a DLC story chapter as well.

If you are a fan of game themed consoles this one here is sure to get your Spidy Sense tingling. Black and silver tend to be the color that Sony likes for their exclusive consoles (not counting that camo Call Of Duty one) so this one really stands out from the bunch. If I had to be a tiny bit critical I would have to say that announcing this after many people would have already thrown down 300 bucks for the God Of War PlayStation 4 console might rub some people the wrong way. In all, it looks fantastic. It looks so good that you’ll not want it sitting in an entertainment center somewhere. Uh, uh. This bad boy demands being shown off!

When I was seven years old my dad bribed me on a trip to the dentist with a Spider-Man comic book that was literally the only “kids” related thing he could find at the gas station on the way. Since then I have been a lifelong Spider-Man fan and I have honestly not been as excited for a Spider-Man game since Web Of Shadows which was released the better part of a decade ago. If only I can convince my own Mary-Jane that we need that sleek and sexy red PlayStation 4 to go with the other three that we have in the house!

Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 is released on the 7th of September and it is sure to be a huge hit for Sony.

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