Fees & Payment

Sellers Fees Overview

At Digjack we like to be 100% transparent with our fees. Nothing is hidden or
unexpected – what you see is what you pay!  Here’s a breakdown of where the
money goes:

Our Fee

We charge a small fee of 3.5% of the total price of each listing (item + shipping),
with a minimum fee commission fee of 50c – you can see an example of how this works further
down the page. All our fees are quoted in US Dollars (USD).
There are no listing fees, membership or subscription costs and no renewal fees.
We do not charge fees on any taxes you collect from the sale.

Minimum Fee

We want Digjack to be a great place to shop, with items across all price ranges,
but not overwhelmed with thousands of ultra low-cost items. That’s why we
charge a minimum fee of 50c (as outlined above). This helps us manage our
overheads and allows us to keep our lights on! But don’t worry – we also have a
maximum fee cap of $350. So if you’re thinking of listing your 1964 Batmobile for
$500,000 you’ll only be charged a maximum of $350.00

Payments processing Fee (STRIPE)

We use Stripe for all site transactions. Stripe is a secure payment gateway and
all credit card information is stored on Stripes servers, not ours, so you can rest
assured your personal financial information is safe at all times.
We know how important cash flow is for sellers. Using Stripe allows our sellers to
be paid directly without having to wait until the end of the month for either a
payout or pay a bill from Digjack.

Stripe Fees

Stripe charges a standard fixed fee of 30¢ and a low 2.9% of the total transaction
each time you accept a credit or debit card payment. The price is the same for all
cards. You don’t pay anything for failed charges.
Credit Cards covered include: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover,
JCB, Diners Club, China UnionPay.

Accepting International cards

If you wish to sell to International buyers you can accept international cards for
an additional 1%. If currency conversion is necessary (i.e. the charge currency
differs from your payout currency) a 1% conversion fee will also apply.

Example of fees breakdown (including tax)

The Seller is located in New York. The listing is for a He-Man action figure
priced at $4.00 with a shipping cost of $3.00. That gives us a total of $7.00
If a sale is made Digjack Fees will apply to this total and deducted at time of
transaction. In this scenario our minimum fee of 50c applies as the standard
3.5% falls under this amount.The Buyer is also in New York so they are charged applicable NY taxes (inc
shipping tax if applicable in the state). These come to $0.63. The total price for
the buyer including tax is $7.63.

Stripe payments processing fee is $0.52 (2.9% of total sale plus 30c per
transaction).This gives the Sellers a total of $6.61 after fees. This figure includes the $0.63
collected tax.

Note: taxes and payment processing fees may vary based on payment type and
buyer location

Sales Tax




There’s been a lot of movement and legal decisions made on US marketplace
sales tax laws over the last year or so. Partnering with TaxJar allows us to offer
our sellers the ability to stay compliant and calculate sales tax based on the
sellers jurisdiction (shipping address) and individual State laws.

Historically the seller would only be charged sales tax if the buyer was also in the
same state, but there are now many exceptions to this rule because of different
state laws appearing on almost a monthly basis. Taxjar auto-calculates the
correct tax based on the latest state-by-state and global tax rules so you can be
sure you’re compliant and collecting the correct tax amounts from your buyers.

The default setting on Digjack is for sellers to charge tax applicable to their tax
jurisdictions. This tax is auto calculated based on the Seller location information
entered in the Tax Settings during their Digjack shop account set-up.

Sales tax is automatically added to the price at checkout for you and is calculated

on a state by state basis.There are no charges for using the Digjack standard auto tax calculation at checkout).
Sellers have the option to not charge tax when listing an item. If the seller selects
the ‘Do not charge sales tax”, when listing an item, then no tax will be displayed at checkout or added to the
total item total price. However to ensure you’re compliant with recent sales tax
laws, we strongly recommend using the built in tax calculations.

As part of the new enforced Marketplace Laws. We are required to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of our sellers. This way we as a marketplace are compliant and you the seller does not have to worry about collecting or submitting taxes for items you sell. 

Change In Fees

Digjack may, at our sole discretion, change some or all of Digjack’s fees at any
time. In the event Digjack introduces new fees, we will provide a minimum of one
month’s notice to all sellers.

Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in US Dollars (USD).